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 The Andes Mountains represented in this work is one of those landscapes, which is part of the imaginary of Chile. This mountain chain has witnessed a suffered history: colonial enterprises, dictatorships, civil wars, periods of political and state violence and human rights violations, even in the current “democracy” context. Nowadays Chile has woken up; people are in the streets demanding dignity, fairness and equality. Thus, this line of nature, the Andes Mountains, is today the transversal background of a repressed and at the same time dreamlike and hopeful landscape.



This is why the artist’s work is composed of fragmentation, referring on the one hand to an image of Chile that the state shows as stable but is fragmented, and on the other hand the multiplicity of fragments represent the number of people whom today are united struggling to build a new landscape. The title of this artwork, “el pueblo unido” a phrase that does not have a literal translation into English, is a shout or consignment from a Chilean protest song, now being used throughout all Latin America at times of uprising when demanding social justice

2, 30 x 8 mts.

Trafalgar Road, London, UK. 2020.

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