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Constanza Valderrama is a Chilean artist based in London. Her understanding of photography as a material thing has allowed her to explore the material properties with which photographic images intertwine, a process that she refers to as ‘photographic incarnations’. These are processes in which images and materials coalesce. Consequently, her work renders visible that every copy or visualization of a photograph is always unique and unrepeatable, even if its nature is digital. 


Through diverse material experimentations, Constanza’s practice aims to expand the limits of photography, not only to question the conventional ways of doing photography but also discussing the idea of reproduction that traditionally links to it.


An ‘economy’ of resources constitutes the second principal axis through which Constanza thinks of photography. Her work displays an articulation of ordinary and low-cost materials, laser prints, low-quality images, and quotidian thematics. These choices allow her to advance a reflective critique of the elitism and ‘high standards’ in which art and photography  generally embed. The difficulties of affording expensive materials and resources also highlight her condition as a ‘third-world’ female artists working in a world elite artistic context.        


Recent exhibitions and displays include El Pueblo Unido (Windows 187, London), Sombras (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Angstrom (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Valdivia), en la azotea (Galería ANIMAL, Santiago), and Carga de Lavado (Centro Cultura de España, Santiago).

Besides, her interest on photography has led her to engage with the documentation of films and art exhibitions. Regarding the first, Constanza has developed an extensive career as a still photographer in the film industry, having worked on more than 30 national and international projects, collaborating with Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Trueba and Sebastián Silva. Regarding the second she has documented multiple art exhibitions from different artists, galleries and museums (e.g., Gonzalo Díaz, Enrique Matthey, Mario Navarro, Macchina Gallery and MAVI Museum of Visual Arts, Chile).


Recently, Constanza has been awarded by the Chilean National Research Council (CONICYT) with a two-year scholarship to conduct her research at the Royal College of Art. She has been awarded the highest distinctions by the Universidad de Chile and by the Universidad Católica de Chile


Constanza studied fine art at the Universidad Católica de Chile, receiving her BA with First Class Honours. During this period, she was offered a place at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she conducted six-month research. In 2013 she completed courses at the School of the International Centre of Photography (ICP), New York. In 2015, she received her MA in Visual Arts with distinctions from the Universidad de Chile. Currently, she is conducting her second MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art, London.