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The 6 pyramidal prisms of 2.10 meters in height have, on each of their main sides, three vertical fragments of photographic captures of a face. They correspond to the portraits of the mother of a mother, of the mother of a daughter and of the daughter and granddaughter of the two. Three women, three generations, three ages, three representations of beauty, three photographic incarnations.


In these prisms, the bi-dimensionality of photography becomes ductile and variable in their fragmented promise of completeness.

The plane which dialogues with space, image, volume, and photography, seems to become mobile and flexible, enabling new confrontations of the work with the viewer while the space contains the codes of the monocular scene and the perspective of photography.


The author will make 5 alterations to the exhibition space on the day of the inauguration. These forcing of the point of view, forced in turn in the fragmentation of the images, await some sense of subversion of the spectator, which allows them to intervene and participate also in the spectator's intervention, enjoy the artistic experience and become participant in this visual-spatial transmutation of the portrait, which confronts, observes and contains it.

The digital origin of the image, acquires body and volume through this particular support that contains it, fragmenting it into its square frames while integrating voids, silences and shadows in its conversation with the wall. The image becomes mobile and transmutable, ephemeral and flexible, being subject to various interventions by the artist during the period of exhibition.

Galeria D21. 2015

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